Hi! I'm Fabian Siebecke

Fabian Lionel Siebecke was born in Berlin on January 18, 2001 and attended school from 2007 to 2019, where he graduated from a german high school with the "Abitur" (german equivalent to the SAT test). During his time in school, he produced and directed his web-series "The Good Evil" with friends. In 2019, he made a few short movies in the computer game "Grand Theft Auto V".

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Email: fsiebecke@plasmidfilms.com

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Directing a Film


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Plasmid Films' "The Good Evil"

The Good Evil is a fan-series based in the Harry Potter franchise, but has its own characters and plots. Lex Chupkins (portrayed by Fabian Siebecke) is a wizard and has to protect his high school against Lord Voldemort's successor(s).

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Feature Film - PRE-PROD.

The Final Decision

Felix Baker, who is a former United States Marine and Law Enforcement Officer returns to Los Santos to meet his friends, unaware of the troubles he will face sooner than expected. Baker is caught by his past and new rivals show up.

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"Jugend Dirigiert" Documentary

This documentary is about a group of young people, who are conducting a philharmony despite their young age.

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Short Movie

Baker's Revenge

This short movie shows some of Felix Baker's past and his outstanding revenge on one individual.

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Short Movie

Baker's Decision

After what he did in the past movie, Felix Baker has to live with his actions and make a decision what to do about it.

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Promotional Video

Detective's Bureau Promotional Video

This video was made for the FiveM Roleplay Community Department of Justice RP founded by the YouTuber Polecat324. It promotes a specialized unit within the LSPD.

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